​​​​​Can my kids do a workout with me and how old do they have to be?

Your kids are welcome to participate in any personal or small group training that you do. They can be any age. We even offer baby and me workouts.

What is your late policy?

Your trainer is only obligated to wait 15 minutes if you have not yet arrived. Sorry, we do not refund for late cancels or no shows.

Do you have a mobile site?

Yes. You can book a session on the go.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring water, wear good sneakers, & sweat towel. If outdoors, wearing sunscreen and a hat are recommended for sessions during the day. If you prefer your own mat, bring it.

more questions?

Call 323-327-7004.

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How many days should I work out in a week?

Your trainer will advice you how many days they recommend per the goals that you want to achieve. But generally speaking,

  • Cross-training                           1-2 days a week
  • Toning                                       1-4 days a week
  • Strength training                       2-3 days a week             
  • Marathon/cardio training.          2-5 days a week
  • Flexibility/Destress                    2-5 days a week
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab.          2-6 days a week
  • Competitive Sports training       3-5 days a week  
  • Weight Loss                              3-6 days a week

How do I sign up for a personal or small group training?

Click on the hereto book a service by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Life happens. Let your trainer know as soon as possible. Every trainer has their own cancellation policy. Most trainers require at least 12-hours notice so that you don't get charged. If you become suddenly sick most trainers will allow you to cancel within 2 hours of the start of your session without being charged. Cancellations due to emergencies are left up to the discretion of your trainer.