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Start this year fresh by adding dynamic variations to the basic exercises that you already know to add life and fun to your fitness routine. Learn proper posture and technique to correct old habits. Also learn progressions that you can apply to any workout for when you are ready for your next level of fitness. The great thing about these exercises is you can take them home with you! This boot camp is only offered for a limited time.

We all love eye candy. But we bet you would love it more if you were the eye candy. Crunches can only do so much, but this Valentines Special will have you toning up your sides and stretghtening your lower back too, to keep everything in balance. If your abs want attention, then you need to pay attention to them. Learn new ways to progress your core workout to the next level and find that sexy line running through your mid-section again.

Take your relationship to the next level with your body and your beau in this Valentines Special Boot Camp. For a limited time, you and your partner in crime will hit up agility ladders, obstacles, and team challenges in this fun and over the top class. Did we mention that exercise boosts other things besides heart rate, circulation, and endorphins. ;) There's nothing like some healthy competition to add spice to your relationship.

We all forget about them. Scratch that. We more like procrastinate about them. You know what w'ere talking about. That lovely 6 pack that's been in hibernation for years. If you feel like it's about time you deserve to show off what you really have, this Valentines Special will get you there. Solely dedicated to carving that core out that natural way, your abs won't know what hit them. They will never forget this class as you tighten, trim and tone. So give them a little love. Offered for a limited time.

Turn the heat up in this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Valentines celebratory special boot camp. For a limited time, this 6 week boot camp will help you slim down and tone up in good company. Have fun and be flirty in our challenging partner drills where you work together to suceed. This is a fast pace class that will keep you moving the whole time to give you that high calorie burn. So why not share the moment. Who knows, you may even find a great work out partner for life.

If it is your New Year resolution to become healthier and be fit, this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) boot camp will do the job. For a limited time, this week boot camp will help you to loose those extra pounds, strengthen your posture muscles and tone your arms, core and legs with some definition. There is nothing that feels better than starting off your year on the right foot.

Holding yoga-esque poses will create a slow deep burn that really penetrates the entire body leaving no stone un-turned. Engaging the muscles in this method not only strengthens, but lengthens the body. It really tones up the large muscle groups as well as the all the little tiny fibers around them to bring your tone to a new level and look good for you.