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 How you can eat healthy and stay fit on vacation?
By Rebecca Bennett, Certified ACE Personal Trainer 

Tips on how to avoid packing on the pounds or feeling like a blob while still having fun.

Vacation is naturally energizing. You get on a plane or in the car and you’re pumped up about where they day is going to take you. Harness that energy to keep yourself from packing on the pounds when there is just way too much good food to eat and too little time. Here’s how: 

1.Plan at least one active activity a daybefore your poolside lounge, whether it be sea kayaking, a hike, a pre-dinner beach walk, swimming laps in the pool, or renting a bike to sight-see.

2.Hit up the on-site gym before your daily swim in the resort pool. Most hotels have them. They are fun to check out. Pick out 8 pieces of equipment and pump out 2 sets of 8 exercises in a quick 20 minutes. You only need to do 10 repetitions for heavy lifts and up to 20 repetitions for lighter lifts. Need help thinking of exercises to do, download the free app “Daily Workouts - Personal Trainer” App. It let’s you choose specific areas where you want to work and shows you exactly what to do and does it with you! If you set it up on your way to your destination then you can jump right in when you get there.

3.Take the stairs or the scenic routewhenever you can. Make it a race with your partner in crime and then laugh at the top.

4.Try a local yoga or Pilates class. A lot of resorts offer easy access to local classes. Ask your concierge for recommendations on ones within walking distance. Plan this one early morning or at the end of the day to help re-energize and stretch out your body. 

5.Order tapas style or split an entree.When you’re sharing food with everyone you’re more likely to take a smaller share than you otherwise would, but you also get to try more foods.

6.Don’t take a menu, and instead ask the waiter to make some healthy recommendations.Especially for those of you who cannot fight temptation, this eliminates the comfort food options that are so easy to give in to and also increases your chances of eating a tasty meal.
7.Get your 7-9 hours of sleep.
It will help keep your metabolism stable and in balance. Not getting enough sleep can throw it out of whack and cause you eat more and shorten your patience fuse. They call it beauty sleep for a reason.

8. Pass on buffets. As appealing as all-you-can-eat buffets sound, avoid them. They are energy drainers and you’re body honestly doesn’t need that much food at one time. It’s better to eat more often and in smaller portions.

9.Order lean protein and veggies for your main meals.
Lean protein should make up about 20% of your plate and veggies 30-50%, according to The protein helps heart and muscle health and veggies provide longer-term stores of energy. Examples of lean protein are t 

10.Stay well hydrated.

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