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Studies have shown that maintaining an exercise regime while pregnant is beneficial to baby, helps create a smoother delivery, and helps the mother bounce back faster physically and emotionally.



CityFitLA's Master Trainer and mother Rebecca Bennett is trained in pre and post-natal workouts and ensures exercise programs follow the latest ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines. Rebecca shares her experience from her first pregnancy, acting as a reassuring guide throughout the whole process, not just preparing her clients physically, but mentally and emotionally. Rebecca's clients have successfully delivered their babies naturally and in record times as a result.

We provide a complimentary 25-minute consultation over the phone where we learn about your goals, provide tips to achieve them, answer any questions you may have and then recommend our best trainers that fall within your budget. 

"Having a regular weekly fitness routine really does make a difference in shortening delivery times and allows mothers to deliver their babies the way they want to. When I first became a mom, my arms and back were so tired and sore from carrying the baby, I wish I had strengthened them before, but nobody told me."


"It helps to have someone who has been through it before. Rebecca helped guide me from 6 weeks pregnant up until 1 month before I gave birth. The doctor said he had never seen anyone deliver so quickly. I admit it has taken me a while to get back into my routine, but now I crave our sessions more than ever as it gives me the break I need to focus on and feel good about myself. She's more than just a trainer, she's a coach and friend."

-Former client​