Our recommended program includes off-season training, pre-season training and supplemental in-season training. We recommend training 2-3 times a week.

Off-season training

Focuses on re-alignment, rebalancing muscles, cross-training under-used muscles, and maintaining muscle tone, flexibility, & mobility.


Focuses on conditioning and maintaining muscle balance.

In-season training

Focuses on performance, whether that be increasing speed, agility, or strength. 

Injury Prevention


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We take training seriously!

Why do they need personal training

Student-athletes have a lot to give, but also have a lot to lose if they don't train properly. Injuries are the #1 set back for student-athletes not achieving their goals. Not all varsity and collegiate coaches are trained in injury prevention. Additionally, in many team sports, the coach spends most of their time focusing on the team and not the individual. A personal trainer can help fill in the gaps and help ensure your student-athlete a long and successful career. If a sports scholarship is their ticket into college then hiring a personal trainer is a must have and worth the investment.‚Äč

Our Program


Overused muscles lead to 2 things. Overuse stress fractures and muscle tightness, and underused muscles that tend to get pulled or injured. Not taking care of imbalanced muscles means less time on the playing field. Our trainers work with student-athletes on 3 main things: Muscles rebalancing, performance conditioning, and performance nutrition. We also teach our student-athletes how and why injuries such as ACL tears, shoulder tears, and ankle sprains happen. When they understand these fundamentals they are less likely to react, even sub-consciously, in such ways as to cause those kinds of injuries.